Friday, April 8


We pop in the Bel-Loc diner from time to time!

We like this landmark diner for several reasons.

It really does feel like you are walking back in time!

It isn’t a mock retro look or feel,

it is the real thing!

They never stop serving breakfast food!

They have mini jukeboxes at the tables!

The service is the fastest I have ever received!

And they serve my husband’s

guilty pleasure food, scrapple.

Not Scrabble, scrapple.

You don’t even want to know what is in it.

I just know it will never be served at our house

and this is one place he can order it!

If your family grew up in southern Maryland,

this was a typical dish that was served at breakfast.

LEGO creatures join us on many outings.


  1. I miss the Bel-Loc. I miss their cream pies and fries with gravy and the jukeboxes. I didn't know they served scrapple, but if I ever make it back to Loch Raven again, I'll ask for it. Here in western PA -- Amish country -- you'd think when you buy something labeled "scrapple" in the Amish markets, it would be what you grew up with in Maryland. Not so, but mushier. Now I wonder if they have it right (I mean, after all, they're *Amish* -- the real deal) and we Marylanders have it wrong. Nah, I don't think so.

  2. :)

    My husband and his family grew up eating scrapple. They love it! I think the only thing that has changed at the Bel-Loc is that there isn’t a smoking section now. They still have some of the same waitresses that were serving 20 to 30 years ago. :: Good Times ::


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