Thursday, September 6


I stumbled upon Color Me Katie’s blog a while ago and found it happy and, well, happy! When life gets blue, I bypass my regular news websites and choose to focus on positive things to keep moving. Those things are, in order; God’s promises in the Bible, going down my mental list of things I am forever thankful for, extra sleep, eating healthy food, saying no to unnecessary stuff, calling family, taking a walk and perusing happy/inspiring websites.

When I saw the little things Katie did around her neighborhood just to make someone smile, I giggled. Check out this link that inspired me to paint my own little rock. I have it outside my door and every time I walk in my house I smile.

I may just make some more and put them around the neighborhood!


  1. You should! What a pleasant surprise that would be to find these all over. :)

  2. Thanks, Amy! I already started painting a couple more! They are so cheerful!: )


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