Tuesday, September 4

little milestones

I remember when I was a little girl and I wanted nothing more than to learn how to whistle. My two older brothers and my older sister could whistle. In my head, they whistled like song birds and so I practiced all day long to try to make a single note. I clearly remember the pure joy and excitement that followed when I finally, finally learned how to form my little cheeks and lips to whistle! I was so happy to share my new talent with my siblings and parents.

Learn to whistle; Check!

This week my youngest experienced pure joy from reaching yet another childhood milestone; blowing a bubble with bubble gum. I know he is almost seven, but I rarely give my kids gum, because I am smart like that, and they have had few chances to practice. So when I handed the boys a piece of bubble gum this week my youngest was determined to learn this whole bubble blowing thing and practiced like an Olympian athlete. Chomp, chomp, chomp, silence…….chomp, chomp, chomp, silence…. “almost!” He finally got it and could barely keep the bubble gum in his mouth because he was smiling so big and giggling.

Learn to blow a bubble with bubble gum; Check!

If you are lacking in your bubble gum,
bubble blowing skills here is a little tutorial.

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