Monday, March 19

Adorable Doll Clothes From Leggings?

My sister and I loved playing with paper dolls growing up.
I had The Sunshine Fun Family paper dolls and Alice had The Ginghams paper dolls. We spent hours upon hours playing with them until one day my sister had the brilliant idea to make our own paper doll clothes for them. And then we spent hours upon hours tracing, drawing, designing, coloring and cutting out paper doll clothes. We loved it!

Well, here she is again with another creative and brilliant idea for doll clothes!


Adorable Doll Clothes From Leggings? -
by Alice

This is a quick and fun little project that you can do with your daughter.

What to do with those little girl leggings that have a hole in the knee?
Re-purpose them.

1. Cut the leg of the pants off just below the knee hole.
The ankle opening of the pants leg will be the top or chest part of the doll outfit.

2. With the pants leg inside out - measure, pin, sew and trim back of dress to desired tightness.

3. Pick a cute button and felt flower, sew to front of dress as seen in photo.

4. Snag an elastic band from a broken hair-tie. Measure the elastic band so that it will go around the dolls neck and slip under the button.


I know, I love this idea too! Thanks, Alice!

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  1. I like to do the same with with the top portion of long socks. I actually made 3 outfits today before finding your blog, great minds think alike! I did absolutely not sewing.

  2. That is a great idea too, Linda! : )


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