Friday, January 27

i like...

This week has been rough. My husband continues to get better but it is a slow recovery and my youngest randomly threw up Sunday night then felt fine and today the same thing. I don't know what is up. Maybe he is sick of all of the sickness like me.

So, I am ‘liking’ these little pictures that are coming from my boy's imagination and little fingers.

snow/ice castle

They are not in the ultra-critical-art-stage yet
and I am enjoying this as it will change all too soon.

alphabet ‘I Spy’ game

cutest ninja ever

One thing I am proud of, is teaching them, by example, to work with a 'mistake' on a picture. If they start drawing something and it doesn't turn out quite like they thought it would, I told them to simply work it into the picture instead of pouting and starting all over with a new piece of paper.

An odd looking turtle can become a rock, drawing a box or a door over the 'mistake' can save a picture that has been slaved over.

They now excitedly skip over and announce, "Look, Mom, look how I worked with my mistake!"

It is a good life lesson to pass along to our little ones and onto ourselves.


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