Monday, June 13

inexpensive water play idea

I have a small blow-up pool that I set up over the summer. It’s just big enough for the boys to splash around in and for friends and cousins to join in too! Last year I threw in some water toys and a craft pom-pom. They made up a zillion games with that pom-pom floating around and being tossed about. The game they came up with and played the most was “Don’t Let It Touch You!” They would squeal and giggle if it got close and dive away to attempt an escape.

This year I thought I would expand on that game. I pulled out some colored foam circles that I got from a dollar store. I used a permanent marker and wrote some words on them: “Float, Swim, Hop and Stop.” The game: If a circle touches you, you have to do what it says! The boys loved it and wrote some of their own too! They are inexpensive, colorful, easy to collect and store for the next day. Just make sure the kids are past the oral stage.

You can make it more challenging for older kids or keep it simple.

As my dad loved to say……”Necessity is the mother of invention”

my three boys

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