Saturday, June 18


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the men out there who pick up their asses (yea, I just said that) and work hard day in and day out, teach their children what it means to keep their promises and do the thankless, grunt work like nobodies business!!! Also, Happy Father’s Day to the women out there who have to fill both parenting roles and do the same as above!

A Big Shout Out to the fathers who are away from their families and friends sacrificing more than I can ever imagine to proudly serve this country!! Thank You! You make all of us proud!

A big thanks to my husband for all the crazy stuff he did this past week
; sitting through a ridiculously long meeting, reading a book with me, banging up the concrete in our back yard every day, buying metal trash cans and a new shovel, riding bikes with the boys, taking son to the doctors, holding son down to get antibiotic shots while he screamed, picking up prescriptions, taking other son to a cool park that is far away, helping oldest son with music theory questions, watching four kids so a friend and I could go to a funeral, fixing the printer, setting up traps, playing LEGO ®, Playmobil, Matchbox ® cars and dress up with the boys, making awesome breakfasts, catching spiders, filling up both of our gas tanks, picking the kids up from grandmas, taking me out for a dinner and a movie and kissing me under the full moon!

He goes above and beyond and we are thankful!

A big thanks to my Dad, who took the time to show me how to use tools and also to not be afraid to take things apart, how to paint a room, made me hand-made birthday cards, helped me buy my first car, taught me to question things further, how to be frugal and how to play a mean game of ping-pong!
But most of all, he showed me how to show kindness to the least of these. Thanks, Dad!

my sister and me (with the 70's sunflowers hat) with my Dad

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