Thursday, May 5


My grandmother is here from Colorado.

my grandmother, Helen, and my mother

Maryland seems brighter since she has arrived.

She has come to visit and celebrate her daughter's 70th birthday.

Yes, my mother is turning seventy and my siblings

and I are throwing her a party this Saturday.

I am excited and very busy with a lot of fun, party stuff.

I will post pictures later.

My two aunts are coming too.

It is going to be so much fun with them here!!!


Some new things this week:

a new smile

both front teeth are out....finally!

our new backyard visitors

golden finches

a green frog

a three week visit with my lovely grandmother

my oldest with my grandmother

my seven-year-old is looking for creative ways to earn money
this is what I found when I walked into the kitchen…hmmm?

"tasting new stuff.....10 cents!"

puffy eyes on my five-year-old….spring allergies

itchy, puffy eyes

the boys sudden interest in taking pictures

my middle son's picture

my youngest son's picture

And last but not least,

my seven-year-old wanted to know what

a fried egg would taste like if it were frozen.

Well, we found out. Pretty tasty, indeed!

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