Wednesday, January 22

we are waiting...

We had a little excitement last week when one evening contractions started coming closer and harder and it was beginning to look like the real thing! Alas, they slowed and disappeared.

But we are so close and so very excited to meet this little girl! Everything is set up, our hospital bags are packed and the car seat is already in the car!

All we need is our daughter.
Daughter! I still can’t believe it!

After washing all the beautiful clothes that have been given to us as gifts or handed down, I am seeing pink lint for the first time in our dryer’s lint catcher.

I am trying to maximize the free time I have left. I have made several frozen meals, cleaned, organized piles that had been accumulating since summer and threw out stuff that was simply taking up space. The nesting thing is in really high gear!

My right foot is cracking me up! It looks like the Pillsbury Doughboy foot! There is no definition, not even an ankle in sight, just a pudgy little foot! I am walking around in flip flops in January while my husband is trying to stay warm with two pairs of socks.

We got some more snow here so the boys are thrilled! Apparently, we are experiencing our second “Polar Vortex” this month. So the wind chill is -12 below! It is cold here!

If all goes well, tomorrow, I plan on making a spinach quiche to freeze and oatmeal cookies! We’ll see!

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