Tuesday, November 20

being busy, thankful and not enough

I have been in more than I have been out over the last two weeks.
And it’s o.k.
I have packed quite a bit in since August and I am relishing this time of slowing down.

A brief rundown of things that filled the last three months:

Started up another year of home school

Signed the boys up for a weekly gym class – best thing ever!

Threw a fantastic 40th birthday party for my husband

Multiple trips to parks and nature hikes

Science Center field trip

Mummified an apple

Volunteered a lot at our church for various ministries

Slipped a lot of money under pillows – the boys have lost a lot of teeth lately

Ordered more home school books

Went to a women’s conference and heard Sharon Betters speak! She has written some very powerful books! If you have lost a child or endured incredible challenges lately, I strongly encourage you to get one of her books!  

Filled the role of a roadie twice

Was down and out with a terrible head cold for a week

Did a photo shoot that challenged me to figure more stuff out with my new camera

Did a ton of science experiments with the boys

Baked homemade cinnamon rolls, pretzels and pizzas

Said goodbye to our very old and dear television

Balanced wearing the nurse hat while two of my boys got sick

Pulled out and went through the boy’s winter clothes and was perplexed why all of my boy’s pants are now capris

Promptly measured my boys and smiled when I realized that they had both grown over an inch over the last four months

Became the landlord of a snail

Threw an Egyptian themed birthday party for my youngest

Hunkered down and survived Hurricane Sandy

Carved spooky pumpkins

Co-hosted a friends 40th birthday party

Tried out new recipes from Pinterest


Went to a campfire, sing-a-long, s’mores-fest!

Endured a painful, oh-so-painful root canal


Some pictures...

Fall weather has settled in Maryland quite nicely.
Tangerines, pomegranates and bags of mixed nuts at the grocery store confirm that fall has indeed arrived. Around this time of year, I succumb to my urge to crochet something and I pull out my yarn and hooks and begin to create something, anything.
Crocheting is relaxing to me and I am a big believer in keeping hands busy!

I am very thankful for lots of things in my life right now but mostly for knowing that I do not have the strength to do any of this stuff in my life by myself. I am reminded of that daily. I am human and constantly fail at reaching my personal level of achievement. I see it, my husband sees it, as do my kids. This keeps me grounded.
But at the same time it gives me hope knowing that I can draw on my Heavenly Father’s strength at any time, know that I am forgiven and that He sees me as perfect!

This song has been on my heart lately. Enjoy!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! ~ Inge

Oh, and I am making my delicious Carrot Soufflé again!!
Click here for this mouthwatering recipe!

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