Friday, October 29

little people, big decisions

We made popsicle-stick mummies today. I think they turned out rather cute.

So now, I am off getting the house set up for my youngest son’s birthday! He is turning five and has decided to have a Star Wars themed party. He has been planning this party for the past twelve months. For two months the theme was going to be "The Three Musketeers," then for six months it was going to be "Knights." After many nights, lying in bed before drifting off to sleep and deliberating the ins and outs of multiple themes, he announced one morning that he changed his mind and wanted the theme to be “Spies!”

I thought to myself, “how lovely it would be if adults had only these things swirling in their minds at night.”

Then a month later, out of the blue, over a bowl of Cheerios, he switched again. That was four weeks ago. I made it very clear that this was it. All other wonderful themed ideas his little mind could conjure up, would have to wait for next year. He said he understood, and that Star Wars would be his final theme.

So, here I am making a “Pin the Light Saber on Yoda” game, sketching out a Hoth birthday cake and trying to figure out how I can look like Princess Leia!! May The Force be with me this weekend....and you too!!!

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